People often ask what is the difference between a content writer and a copywriter? On the surface, it seems like a different name for the same thing. But there actually is a small nuance between the two terms. If you’re hiring a writer of some sort, you’ll want to learn about the difference before filling the position.

What Is a Content Writer?

Content writers provide content that educates or engages your target audience. While this writing might drive sales, that isn’t its primary function. 

To engage readers, you’ll still need high-quality content. And ultimately, this content still plays a role in your relationship with your customers, making it vitally important. This content might also play a role in your customer buying journey.

If you’re seeking the following prose, you might be looking for a content writer.

  • Blog writing
  • White papers
  • EBooks
  • Case studies
  • Social media posts (not ads)
  • Newsletters
  • Tutorials
  • News

Common Content Writer Skills

Understanding the skillset that a content writer generally possesses, might also help you in your search for the right team member.

  • SEO know-how
  • Research abilities
  • Engaging headline writing

What Is a Copywriter?

Copywriting differs from content writing because copywriting is designed to invite the reader to act. The action might be subscribing to a newsletter, scheduling a demo or purchasing your products or services. 

Professional copywriters are skilled at selling products and convincing buyers that your product or service is worth buying. These professionals are skilled in persuasive language, but they also know how to help you build your brand while collecting leads.

You might need a freelance copywriter if you require the following forms of content.

Common Copywriter Skills

You’ve seen the unique skills that content writers possess. Now here’s a look at the most common copywriter skills.

  • Skills in various industries due to writing for many clients
  • Emotion evoking content
  • Excellent collaboration skills since they often work with the sales team, leadership, customer service, etc.

Similarities Between Content Writers and Copywriters

While content writers and copywriters have many differences, they are also similar in some ways. You’ll find the following skills in both types of writers.

  • Time management and attention to deadlines (though some writers are better at this than others)
  • Creativity in wording things and presenting content
  • Storytelling to engage readers with attractive prose
  • Clear understanding of your target audience, though copywriters are often more skilled in this since they function as part of the marketing team more than content writers

Can a Content Writer be a Copywriter and Vice Versa?

Now that you know the difference, you might be wondering if the terms are interchangeable still. While a copywriter can be a content writer, a content writer is not necessarily a copywriter.

That’s because learning sales skills and persuasive language is generally the next step after developing general content writing skills. Ultimately, to decide which type of writer to hire, you need to review the purpose of your content. Is it to build a relationship or is it to produce a sale? If it’s the latter, be sure you’re hiring a copywriter.

Should I Write a Job Description?

Many small business owners want to hire an expert and get to work quickly. They aren’t HR experts or interested in all the qualifications and job role specifications. Instead, they care about whether the writer can help them meet their goals.

If you want the writer to come to you, you’ll need a job description that you post all over the internet. But the challenge with this approach is that you’ll then need to review resumes and select a candidate. The process can be arduous.

Instead, you can review the top LinkedIn results for freelance copywriters near you. Reach out to a few to start a conversation and save yourself some time in drafting a job description and sifting through resumes and writing samples.

If you feel the need to write a job description, this template for a copywriter job description will be helpful. Or you can use this content writer job description

Regardless, you should take your time in hiring. The writing for your business and brand will have a huge impact on whether a customer decides to purchase with you. If you’d like to talk with a skilled copywriter that knows the importance of customer actions but is also skilled in educating readers, schedule a free consultation with Bridge the Gap Communication.

Copywriting vs. Content Writing FAQs

While the nuances between the types of writers is small, it’s also important. Learn more about the difference between copywriting vs. content writing.

Is Copywriting the Same as Content Writing?

Copywriting sells a product or service while content writing aims to inform or entertain the reader.

Can a Content Writer Become a Copywriter?

Content writers can undergo marketing training to become a copywriter and turn their content into sales delivery devices.

What Exactly Does a Copywriter Do?

A copywriter researches and creates concepts for ads, blog posts and marketing campaigns. They work in partnership with other marketing team members to create dynamic campaigns that resonate with customers.