What is a professional copywriter? Professional copywriters are skilled in persuading readers and creating vivid visuals within the readers’ minds using only words. When you hire a copywriter, you get effective customer-centric copy that resonates with your target audience and encourages them to respond to your calls to action.

Although you or other individuals who work for your business could likely create some form of content that informs your audience about what you do and how you do it, it might lack that customer focus and might not be as persuasive as it could be. Not to mention, you’ll have to commit time to writing the content and your time might be better spent elsewhere. 

What Is a Professional Copywriter?

A professional copywriter is someone who is skilled both in writing and marketing. Generally these professionals know something about consumer psychology and how to appeal to consumers and their interests. Not only do they know how to write clear, effective content, but they also know how to appeal to the consumer’s emotions.

Many businesses are hesitant to hire a copywriter because they want to keep this important work close. And while that’s understandable, a copywriter can do great things for your business. Here’s a look at the benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter.

1.  Transform Your Copy Into Something that Gets Results

No matter what type of business you have, your goal is to sell products or services to your target audience. Even topics that seem boring on the surface are something that a copywriter can make interesting and craft copy that will engage your reader and persuade them to take the next step with your business.

2. Demonstrate Your Value Proposition

More than likely, you have several competitors who all offer a similar product or service as what you offer. Your goal in copywriting is to demonstrate your value proposition or those aspects of your products and services that make you unique and stand out. Telling your story effectively and getting to your value proposition quickly and clearly is so important to selling your business.

3. Improve Search Engine Rankings

SEO is a complicated strategy that involves both on-page and off-page tactics. So hiring a copywriter is not a quick fix for SEO. You need a good website foundation first, which means it needs to have fast load speeds and no junk CSS, JavaScript or HTML. Generally, that means not using off-the-shelf templates from platforms like WordPress, SquareSpace or Wix. 

But once you have that firm foundation, copywriting will help take your SEO efforts to the next level. Learn why you should start with rewriting your website content first before blogging. But once you have effective website copy, you can move toward a regular blog schedule to begin engaging with your customers and prospects regularly.

4. Save Time

Business owners and leaders have so much on their plates. From overseeing operational strategy to sales, it all falls on your shoulders. So instead of writing your copy and content, create an outline of who your target audience is and allow an expert to write your content for you. 

Now you can focus on matters of importance for your business while getting content that will resonate with your target audience.

5. Incredible Copywriting Expertise Based on the Channel

Did you know that the content on your main website differs from what’s on your blog? The way you write the content and the strategy that you use are different based on the channel. While the voice and tone should match so that your target audience knows it’s you, the content itself and how you write it will differ.

That expertise on writing based on the channel will impact your conversion rates and help make your content resonate with your audience in a meaningful way.

6. A Fresh Perspective

You live the day-to-day for your business. And you’ve been working on it so long that you might not see the opportunities that exist for it. Hiring a freelance copywriter can breathe new life into your content and provide a fresh perspective on it. 

That fresh start could be the difference between simply executing your marketing plan and seeing dynamic results from that plan.

If you see the value in working with a copywriter, schedule a free consultation with Bridge the Gap Communication now to get started. 

Answers to Common Questions Related to Professional Copywriters

Learn more about professional copywriters and their skills from these common questions.

What Exactly Does a Copywriter Do?

Copywriters draft content for a variety of mediums. They might also pitch campaign ideas and topics for your blog, website or third-party sponsorships.

How Do You Become a Professional Copywriter?

Becoming a professional copywriter generally starts with learning the basics of grammar and sentence flow. Then these professionals layer on skills in marketing to understand customers and their needs.

What Qualifications Does a Copywriter Need?

Copywriters generally hold a writing degree, such as a degree in journalism or English. But most importantly, copywriters need a portfolio of published work showcasing their skills and abilities.