There are some great tools on the market today for a freelance writer. But the problem with some of these tools is, they turn writers into robots.

I’ve had clients request that I score a perfect 100 on Grammarly

While I love Grammarly because I’m certainly not flawless, there are still some things that an algorithm cannot comprehend. It won’t always get context correct and it can’t understand nuances like when a company name ends in S but is still singular.

One of the great benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter is that they understand things that robots can’t. Namely, they understand the human condition, motivations and spoken language.

So here’s why I use these online tools and generators carefully.

Freelance Writer Cautions for Heeding Every Recommendation from Online Tools

There are many reasons why online grammar check tools are simply tools. You cannot allow them to have the final say about your writing. And here’s why.

1. There Is no Algorithm for Solving Customer Problems

Another writing tool that marketers praise is the Coschedule Email Subject Analyzer tool. But it often flags words that are specific to an industry and hard to avoid. 

And, sometimes it’s just flat out wrong about how appropriate the use of emojis is in a blog article.

Yes, I often test my email subject lines there for a second opinion. But then I use my judgment and many years of marketing copywriting experience to know whether I should trust those suggestions.

This is another tool that some clients want me to use exclusively. If Coschedule doesn’t give the subject line a 60 or better, you have to rewrite it. 

But what these sorts of requirements forget is that these tools cannot understand customer problems. While it might flag a word as concerning, the customer might also be concerned about it. And that’s my job to understand.

2. Each Industry is Unique

I wrote an article once all about how to get internet leads. Grammarly freaked out about how many times I used the word internet and wanted me to change it to ridiculous words it considered synonyms. But they weren’t synonyms. 

And that’s the problem with algorithms. While the thesaurus might list these words as synonyms, context and understanding the industry can make it evident that they are certainly not similar at all.

A robot can’t tell the difference between industry language and non-industry language. So it just makes blanket judgments that might not apply.

3. Robots Can’t Help You Develop a Style and Voice

Part of a company’s branding is how it talks about itself. Some use humor, while others are quite serious. 

Other organizations want to make their topic or industry sound simple enough for anyone to understand. This might mean a lack of sentence structure variance as you aim for easy reading levels.

But a robot doesn’t understand this concept. A robot only looks at what’s on the page and not your brand guidelines. No robot can understand the intricacies of what you do and who you are.

How to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Now that you’re convinced these robots are only tools in the trade of copywriting, how can you go about hiring a good freelance writer who understands the role of such tools?

Be sure that you read plenty of articles from the writer. Take your time to understand their style or the types of styles they can capture.

Talk to the writer about what you’re trying to accomplish and the voice you want to write with. 

I’m happy to provide further guidance and see if we’re a good fit for working together. Schedule a free consultation to discuss my copywriting services.

Freelance Writer FAQs

Learn more about freelance writers and why they are more trustworthy than online tools and robotic content assessments.

What Does a Freelance Writer Do?

A freelance writer drafts content for a variety of clients. Content could be for digital mediums, such as websites and blogs. Or it might be printed materials, like brochures and pamphlets.

Is Freelance Writing Easy?

Not necessarily. Freelance writers undergo rigorous training and build up experience to guide them in what they write. This helps them generate high-quality content.

Is Being a Writer Stressful?

Being a writer can be stressful because you’ll be managing many different deadlines for various clients. You’ll need to be skilled at prioritizing projects and staying focused no matter how much is on your plate.