Recently I suggested developing lead magnets for one of my clients.

“But aren’t those things pretty worthless at this point?” the client asked me. 

As I dug deeper into this client’s views on lead magnets, I learned that they have downloaded several lead magnets and have not been impressed.

We’ve reached the saturation point with lead magnets as we did with infographics. They’ve become so popular that people have made them a low-budget part of their marketing.

And as these diluted versions of lead magnets have begun to permeate the internet, other high-quality handouts are losing some of their impact.

But that’s not to say that lead magnets are no longer important just because there are so many terrible ones.

What it does mean is that you have a greater responsibility to create great content for your customers and potential customers.

Let’s go back to when lead magnets were first created and remember what made them great. Ensuring that your lead magnet has those tenants of a quality lead magnet will help them be effective and receive the impact you intend.  

3 Aspects of High-quality Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are still listed as one of the most effective ways of securing high-quality, relevant leads. Here’s a look at some of the tenants of a great lead magnet.

1. Answer the Prospect’s Big Questions

Consider the biggest concerns or questions that a prospect might have after landing on your website. What expertise do you have where you can give a small bit of that expertise away for free to show that you’re a trustworthy choice for that customer?

That’s what makes a great lead magnet. It’s insights and information that the website visitor can’t find anywhere else. 

So not only do you get contact information from the prospect in exchange for this content, but you also get to show why you’re the premier choice for that product or service. 

You can’t produce generic content that’s already readily available on the internet. It has to be unique and something that the user can’t find elsewhere. 

2. Create Relevant In-depth Content

In addition to answering the prospect’s big question and providing the expertise they can’t find elsewhere, you should also provide thorough, in-depth content. 

No one wants to open a lead magnet and realize that it hardly scratches the surface of answering their questions and preparing them for making a purchasing decision.

You should cover the topic with as much depth as you can without completely giving away everything about your expertise. 

For example, a CPA can’t give away every step-by-step tip for taking advantage of every business write off. First of all, because it’s specific to the type of business a prospect runs. And secondly, because that’s how the CPA makes a living. 

But simply stating that there are business write-offs isn’t enough. You need to give examples of ways you’ve saved your clients money and lowered their taxable income from their business.

3. Don’t Just Repackage a Blog or Website Content

Lead magnets that offer the same content from a blog post or service page hurt me. This isn’t a sales piece, though it is designed to aid you in making the sale.

You should be providing information you don’t offer elsewhere on your website. Otherwise, what’s the motivation for a prospect to input their information.

Be open and honest about what’s in your lead magnet. Don’t set unrealistic expectations for what the person will get when they input their contact information. You don’t want to start your relationship with the prospect with dishonesty or clickbait tactics.

Lead Magnet Ideas

Still unsure of what makes a good lead magnet? Here’s a look at some lead magnet ideas that will be impactful for your business.

  • Guides
  • Ebooks
  • Checklists
  • Workbooks
  • Case studies
  • Webinar recordings
  • Templates
  • Training videos/courses

The best type of lead magnet for your business will vary based on what you sell and how you sell it. But consider what you’re expert on and how you can use that to create a downloadable resource that would entice your potential customers.

Building a Lead Magnet Strategy

A lead magnet is not something you just put together on a whim. That mentality is what has diluted their effectiveness in the marketplace.

Instead, you should be building a full strategy for how to create relevant and helpful information for your customers and integrate it into your content marketing and website strategy.

If you need assistance making this a reality for your business, schedule a free consultation with us. We’ll offer insights into what you should be focused on and how to build a helpful tool for growing your website leads.

Lead Magnet FAQs

Learn more about lead magnets from these commonly asked questions.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a digital downloadable resource that requires that the user input their contact information to receive the resource. That way, you know the contact is interested and can follow up accordingly.

How Does a Lead Magnet Work?

Lead magnet attract users to input their contact information to receive a downloadable resource in exchange. Then you’ll have the user’s email address or phone number to contact them about their interest in your products and close the sale.

Are Lead Magnets Effective?

With the right strategy, yes, lead magnets are very effective. Many potential customers perceive that these free handouts have value and view your company in a positive light.