I know it’s counterintuitive to my business to say this, but I really think business owners need to write some of their own content. That’s not to say you must write everything from start to finish, but I do believe you should at least provide bullet points for your copywriter to springboard from. But a big question many have is how business owners can find time to write.

Writing your own content will help you connect with your customers on a deeper, more meaningful level. And you’ll ensure that you aren’t just rewriting information that’s already out there on the internet for a copywriter to find and repurpose.

The biggest reason business owners seek out a copywriter to do their writing for them is that they don’t have the time. And then of course there’s the fact that they dislike doing it and find it too time-consuming. 

I have some tips for helping you find the time and passion for writing some of your own content or at least providing thoughts in your own words to your copywriter.

Tips to Help Business Owners Find Time to Write

Writing is not everyone’s favorite activity. But as the visionary for your business, your thoughts and insights are so important to the success of your business. Taking time to write can help you get those thoughts on paper and communicate them clearly. So here’s how to find the time to do that.

1. Write First Thing in the Morning

I know this is my profession, but I’m best when I wake up and write first thing. My mind is fresh and ready to take on the task of putting together coherent thoughts. Even if you aren’t a morning person, you might find that morning is a great time to express yourself in writing. 

2. Mark Out an Hour Once Per Week

If you make writing a priority, you’ll have an easier time getting it done. Setting aside one hour that you devote to writing will ensure you complete this important business activity.

3. Don’t Be Critical of What You’re Writing

That’s your copywriter’s job. Instead of worrying too much about making it sound right, leave that up to your copywriter. If you’ve done a good job hiring the right person, they’ll be skilled at this.

4. Escape the office – Yes Even the Home Office

Staring at the same walls every day even if they are within your home can get exhausting and zap your creative potential. Leave your office and go to a park, coffee shop or a friend’s house. I visit family members regularly where I do some of my writing. This helps me change my mindset and get past the distractions of being at home, even though I love being a remote, freelance copywriter for a variety of small businesses.

5. Write Down Notes As You Interact with Customers

Customer interactions can be the greatest source of inspiration for your company’s content. So as you discuss things with customers write down their pain points or ideas about content that would help them choose your company over your competitors. Type up an email to your copywriter once a week with these thoughts and your copywriter can help you craft marketing emails, white papers, or other collateral that helps get this message to your customers and potential customers. Read: How Can We Find Good Blog Topics.

How to Interact with a Copywriter

If you still loathe writing (it’s OK, some people hate it no matter what), maybe a 30-minute phone call with your copywriter once a week or once a month will be better for you. Share your thoughts verbally instead of in writing since this is how you express yourself better.

I’m the opposite. Sometimes when I speak people are shocked that I “do words” for a living. I like having the time to massage the message and get my sentence structure just the way I like it. But I know that’s not how everyone communicates their best and I enjoy the opportunity to work with business owners in the way that is best for them.

So if you simply can’t find the time to write, book your free copywriting consultation now.

Business Owner Writing FAQs

Finding time to write is never easy – especially if it isn’t your primary job function. But here are some further insights to help you make the time.

How Do You Find the Time to Write?

Like anything else in life, you have to make it a priority. Set aside the time, commit to doing it and you’ll start to see your writing improve.

How Do You Create a Schedule for Writing?

To set a schedule for writing, you’ll first need to consider your goals. This will tell you how much time you need to set aside for the activity.

What Is the Best Time to Write?

The best time to write for most people is first thing in the morning. But your best time of day to write will vary based on who you are and your work preferences.