Corporate blogging is challenging to start. A big reason for that is it adds another item to the to-do list or the long list of items that the marketing team oversees. But managing a corporate blog is such a great way to connect with customers and potential customers. Sometimes companies just need a good example of how to execute a strong blogging presence.

4 Corporate Blog Examples

Before you count out blogging this year, review these examples of great corporate blogs to find inspiration for how to implement your blog. 

New Light Digital

New Light Digital is a digital marketing agency that delivers a wide range of services to its customers. The company’s blog is a lot like HubSpot’s but more attainable for the new corporate blogger. The agency isn’t churning out 10 blogs a day. But it is consistently publishing well-formatted, easy-to-read content, which is one reason why I like it.

What I like about this blog:

  • Strong SEO benefits
  • Good ties to the services the company offers
  • Effective interlinking between pages
  • Easy-to-access categories and subject matter
  • Simple to skim content
  • Engaging and readable formatting 


Evernote is well-known for its note-taking organization. The app is a go-to for staying organized across devices for both business and personal. The blog is structured and simple to use as well. It’s one of the reasons I like it is because the brand carries over so well. 

What I like about this blog:

  • Excellent use of visuals to bring articles to life
  • Strong integration of product use cases
  • Effective, consistent branding throughout
  • Simple, easy-to-read snippets


HubSpot completely reinvented the concept of blogging when they pinpointed the benefits of inbound marketing. No list of corporate blog examples would be complete without HubSpot. But this company also sets the bar so high that many individuals just starting out might feel inadequate or overwhelmed by the sheer resources that HubSpot has.

Instead of looking at all the ways you can’t live up to HubSpot, draw from it the lessons and best practices.

What I like about this blog:

  • Deep subject matter expertise
  • Incredible inter-linking between existing blogs
  • Strong revision strategy to resurface old posts and make them new again
  • Down-to-earth voice and tone 

Design Positive Blog on Medium

Medium can be a powerful tool to help you reach a broader audience with your content marketing. Users can subscribe to your blog with ease and receive curated content across many subject matters and interest areas. And you don’t have to manage sending out new blog posts to subscribers because Medium does that for you. Your blog can also get additional eyeballs thanks to Medium’s algorithms and knowledge of what readers might enjoy.

What I like about this blog:

  • Customer-centric
  • Custom illustrations draw you in to read the post
  • Simple language and straightforward content presentation
  • Showcases deep expertise based on the company’s products and services
  • Consistent monthly posts

Should We Hire a Freelance Copywriter?

There are so many benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter. But that doesn’t mean that it is for everyone. Some companies are far better off writing their own content. After all, you’re the expert on the subject matter so if you have the time, it’s more efficient to write your content. Not to mention you’ll showcase your expertise in a clear, straightforward manner.

If you want to write your content but can’t find the time for it, read: How Business Owners Can Find Time to Write

That being said, not all companies have the talent and resources in-house to accomplish corporate blogging. Instead, you might be better off selecting a point person who oversees your blog and interacts with your freelance copywriter.

Here are some ways to know it’s time to hire a writer.

  1. You’re struggling to maintain a content calendar
  2. Your team lacks a writer
  3. You aren’t sure how to get started
  4. Learning SEO writing tactics is too time-consuming or not of interest to you
  5. You need a full content marketing strategy
  6. You simply hate writing (it’s OK, it’s not for everyone)

If you’re reading this and realizing that this describes you or your team, schedule a free consultation with Bridge the Gap Communication now.  

More Blogging Insights for Companies

Starting a blog to make money off affiliate links and advertising is all the rage. But most blogs serve a different purpose: helping businesses meet new customers. If that’s what you want to do, here is some important information for you.

What Is a Corporate Blog Post?

A corporate blog post is an article that a company writes to inform customers and stay connected with them. It is generally a part of the company’s customer buying journey.

What are the types of corporate blogs?

Corporate blogs generally aim to share company news, boost SEO, showcase the company as a thought leader and further brand the company.

What Is a Good Corporate Blog?

A good corporate blog is one that is customer-centric and provides the content the customer needs to know to purchase a product or service.