The question of whether it is better to hire a freelancer or write blogs yourself is a complicated one to answer. That’s because there are many factors that will influence which is the best move for you.

To help you decide what’s best for you, here’s a look at several factors that could impact who should write your content.

Factors to Determine Whether to Hire a Freelancer or Write Blogs Yourself

As you evaluate whether you should write content for your blog directly or hire a freelancer, review these factors that could help you find the best answer for you.

1. Time

For most business owners, the biggest question when it comes to who should write your blog content is whether you have the time to commit to writing.

Consistency is important if you hope to have your blog generate business and interest for you company. The best way to do this is to ensure that whoever is in charge of your blog content has the time to commit to regular postings. 

When time runs short, it can mean small businesses run lower-quality content to just meet the deadline and check the box. While that’s one way of handling things, it won’t result in quality results.

2. Subject Matter

Some companies deal in complicated subject matters making it especially hard to hire a writer that can accurately portray your company. In those cases, it often makes more sense for someone who knows the business well to write the content.

It’s still wise to find a skilled editor who can help you edit the content for clarity and help you remove any unnecessary jargon or complex sentence structures. 

In industries like tech, healthcare, aerospace and the like, it’s often challenging to find writers with deep enough industry knowledge to draft quality content. So instead, book your calendar for the time to write.

3. Skillset

Some people are born writers; others downright loathe the activity. And if you’re one of those who despises it, you’ll likely procrastinate the activity or find that it takes you so long, it isn’t worth it even if it does result in new business for your company.

Those with the skillset to write great content often struggle to allow someone else to write their content and for understandable reasons.

Evaluate where you fall in this category but don’t be blindsided by your love for writing to the point where you do it even though you don’t have the time to do it.

4. Results

If you’ve already been creating your content, spend some time reviewing the results you’re seeing from it. Ask yourself whether you’re happy with those results or not. And if not, consider interviewing some freelancers.

Freelancers know their craft and how to help businesses earn better results from their content. Some are more than just writers; they’re also digital marketing professionals who can recommend what you should be doing to properly distribute your content to get more value from the effort you put into it.

Talk to a variety of freelancers and ask for their feedback and evaluation of the content you’re publishing. They should have practical thoughts on next steps to share with you to showcase their expertise.

5. Speed of Growth Needed

Some companies need to grow fast. And when that happens, it might make more sense to offload some of the workload to someone else to ensure you can produce ample content and on the schedule that you commit to.

There comes a point when teams must expand to meet company growth expectations and requirements. If you’re in a fast-growth phase, it’s time to look at hiring externally.

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