Marketing Strategy

Success isn't just in the tools or frequency; it's in the strategy.

Marketing strategy combines understanding your customers with the right marketing mix to create brand and product awareness to close more sales.

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Social Media

Social media gives you an opportunity to be a part of your customer’s everyday life.

As they scroll through photos of their friends and catch up on news, you get to be an ever-present part of how they interact in today’s society.

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Blogging and content marketing

Blogs showcase your expertise in a field by providing information your customers need to make a purchasing decision. If blogging isn’t a part of your current marketing plan, let’s talk.

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What our customers say about Bridge the Gap

"I would highly recommend Rebekah and Bridge the Gap, to anyone! She works hard to grow our business, and her creative ideas have attracted new customers, while engaging our base. She is very motivated and her work is exceptional! Overall, I have been very pleased, and plan to continue to work with her into the future." - Mick Mominee, Owner, Zoom Multisport Racing

"Rebekah is a joy to work with. She listens well, commits to the project, understands and meets deadlines and has exceptional writing skills. I look forward to working with her more." Terri Albanese, The Hazelbaker Purcell Group

"I needed a professionally written article with a quick turnaround on a tight budget... Rebekah fit the bill on all of those things. Would definitely recommend to anyone!" Fabrica Creative

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