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Blogs have a huge impact on your company’s search engine optimization. If you’re not reaching your customer’s organically via search, it may be because your website’s content isn’t consistently refreshed, or it’s missing crucial keywords.

Well-written blogs that we write showcase your expertise in a field through providing information your customers need to make a purchasing decision. Let's talk if blogging isn’t a part of your current marketing plan.

Our approach is simple. Our team can help you choose topics or you can provide the topics and keywords you want to start with. We take the next step and do related keyword research and integrate the keywords into the copy seamlessly. Additionally, we never use keyword stuffing and strategically seek ways for you to reach your customers via search.


SEO blog writing is costs $50 per 500 words. So a blog that's approximately 2,000 words is $200, or a simple 500-word post is only $50. To help you manage a budget, we can work with you to set up retainer pricing. When you buy articles in bulk, you could also receive even better pricing. Contracts for website copy can be based off of per word or per project basis.

Samples of work

View a sample of our work on the iCare Software blog and at FreightWaves. You can view even more writing samples on our portfolio website.

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