Our services provide you premier marketing and content management without having to hire a full-time marketing professional. Read on to learn about our main services, but if you are looking for additional services, contact us.

Marketing strategy

Success isn't just in the tools or frequency; it's in the strategy.

Marketing strategy combines understanding your customers with the right marketing mix to create brand and product awareness to close more sales.

Bridge the Gap brings years of experience to small businesses and nonprofits in a consultative role. We provide a marketing strategy and plan for your company that you can execute if you'd like, or we can handle it from start to finish.

Have a marketing coordinator who just needs guidance? We do that.

Need part-time marketing long-term? Yep, we offer that too.

Plans start at $50/hour.

Social Media

Social media gives you an opportunity to be a part of your customer’s everyday life.

As they scroll through photos of their friends and catch up on news, you get to be an ever-present part of how they interact in today’s society.

But post too much and you’ll ostracize them. Post too little and they may forget you when it comes time for a purchase.

Learning your audience is crucial to your success.

Social media listening and management from a Hootsuite Social Media Certified professional starts at $50/month.

View a sample of our work on the Zoom Multisport Facebook page, which we entirely manage.

Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the greatest tools for closing the deal in a sale. You customers can learn more about your company when they feel like opening your email and when it’s convenient.

You can reach customers with special promotions via email and tell them more about your products. But what if your email marketing actually followed a sales funnel? Certain actions from a customer should be rewarded with more information or a special promotion.

That’s where the experience of Bridge the Gap can help your company turn ordinary marketing into improvements to your bottom line.

Email design and copy starts at $100.

Blogging and content marketing

Blogs have a huge impact on your company’s search engine optimization. If you’re not reaching your customer’s organically via search, it may be because your website’s content isn’t consistently refreshed, or it’s missing crucial keywords.

Blogs showcase your expertise in a field by providing information your customers need to make a purchasing decision. If blogging isn’t a part of your current marketing plan, let’s talk.

Blogging and content marketing starts at $25/blog.

View a sample of our work on the iCareSoftware blog and at Fabrica Creative.

Event planning and management

So many tiny details go into the execution of a successful event. Want help with coordinating catering, vendors, presenters and more? Bridge the Gap provides event planning with years of experience from small gatherings to a few hundred people.

Plans start at $50 an hour or could be a fixed fee based on the event demands. Contact us to learn more about pricing for your specific needs.

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