Why You Might Consider Publishing Longer SEO Blogs with Less Frequency

The weekly blog post might be losing its effectiveness. Long-form content is king and is the main way that websites are winning at SEO.

For weekly blog content to really work for you, companies need to put in lots of distribution effort. This means sending out weekly emails with the blog content, posting to social media and social media groups, and looking for online forums with questions related to the blog topic.

In short, blog distribution is no easy task. You cannot expect hundreds and thousands of people to organically find your content. You’ll need to put in the work.

But small teams and solopreneurs don’t have that kind of time. That’s when you should be focusing on quality over quantity.

Benefits of Publishing One Long-form Blog Per Month

I focus my digital marketing business heavily on SEO blog writing. And yet, if you scroll through my website blog posts, you’ll notice I only publish once per month.

The tough reality is, ranking for SEO is hard, takes several months and lots of online clout. There is only me, so instead, I focus on quality. 

My industry is also very cluttered. There is another SEO blogger across the street and two houses down from me in my neighborhood. That’s not to mention the hundreds of others working in this field within a 20-mile radius of me. 

I know I’m far from unique. So instead, I work to build my network the old-fashioned way – slow one-on-one outreach and nurturing through regular interactions. 

I can show what I know through my monthly long-form blog post distribution.

Here’s a look at the benefits I see from this strategy.

  • Limited monthly time commitment so I can focus on my clients and growing my business
  • Higher views per blog, which increases each blog’s SEO value and potential to rank
  • Good, quality content that actually brings in leads and inquiries to develop my business
  • Time to create relevant and interesting blog topics instead of feeling rushed each week
  • A competitive edge over those who don’t blog at all

Benefits of Publishing Short-form Weekly Blog Articles

I’ve never met a small business owner who wasn’t crazy passionate about what they do. And because of that, they’re eager. Publishing weekly seems like the best thing for their business. After all, they have so many ideas to write about and explain to their customers.

They start weekly blogging with so much excitement. But within three months or so, that wears off. They run out of content ideas and the weekly blog is just another thing on their to-do list.

Thus, comes the flaw in the process. Because the blog is no longer their passion, they become lax on completing the distribution tasks related to it. Instead of posting it everywhere weekly, they just publish it and hope for the best as far as SEO reach.

When done well, a weekly blog post still has many benefits. But it takes tons of work. Here’s a look at the benefits you can experience from a weekly blog post. 

  • Regular social media interactions through posting your helpful articles on your page and within relevant industry groups
  • Staying top-of-mind on platforms like LinkedIn because of regular quality content posts
  • Greater SEO value if executed with a strong and effective strategy and no keyword duplication from post-to-post

Hiring a Freelance SEO Blog Writer

If you’ve made it this far in the blog and still don’t know whether you should publish weekly, monthly or something in between, it’s time for some expert advice. A freelance SEO blog writer can provide insights and tips to guide you in your blogging strategy next steps.

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